The Birth of Ché Lux Boutique

The Birth of Ché Lux Boutique

From the age of about fifteen, I knew I wanted to pave my own way.
Growing up I was involved in so many activities. I loved having the responsibility.
As I began my journey into adulthood, the idea of entrepreneurship took many twists and turns in my mind.
For roughly five years, I pursued a career in entertainment. I had been performing my whole life so I assumed that's what I was supposed to do. I can sing, and dance, and I write songs with ease, it's like breathing. But deep down, I knew that a life in the "industry" wasn't what my heart truly wanted.
I shared a story in the previous blog about how I lost everything. My home, job, car, and most of all, hope. It was during that time I faced reality and made changes.
At the top of 2020, I began putting the pieces back together. I was attending dance training several times a week and even landed singing gigs in LA.
In my mind I'm thinking, "this is it, it's finally my time." And I was right, it was my time, but not for what I thought.
In Feb 2020, I injured my knee during dance class.
I could barely walk and I sure couldn't dance. Shortly after, the world shut down due to the spread of COVID-19, so, no more gigs.
I was forced to sit down.
At that point, I knew I was at a crossroads. Do I continue on this path toward becoming an entertainer? Or do I open my mind to new opportunities?
After many tears and prayers, I decided it was time for something new. A product-based business.
I always wanted to help people. I longed to inspire others.
The business started as an inspirational t-shirt company with several t-shirts that had a variety of inspirational quotes. Sales started out pretty well and I was excited.
The birth of che lux boutique
That was until I realized how bad the clothing industry was for the environment. There were many issues with overproduction in the fashion industry as a whole and I didn't want to be a part of it. 
Jachè sewing her custom clothing tags while wearing one of her first t-shirt designs
During this time I had been practicing prayer, meditation and yoga daily. I found so much comfort in clearing my mind. But most importantly, I loved setting my intentions and living on purpose.
When I began to live intentionally, I started to see life more clearly. I wanted to incorporate this energy into my business.

Candles became a regular part of my daily life. However, many of the ones I bought I either just couldn’t smell or they gave me the worse headache. I thought, “Am I the only one experiencing this? Maybe there’s a better way to create candles we can actually enjoy!”
At first, I was hesitant due to the fact that there were so many new candle businesses popping up due to the pandemic, plus one of my business mentors was a candle maker herself. But that just proved how sustainable and successful it could be.
I knew I didn't want to make just any candle. I wanted my candles to inspire others to strive for a better quality of life.

In wanting this for my customers, I put my focus on creating a product that reflected that level of quality.
After some time of research and preparation, I finally started the process of creating my dream candle line.
And to my surprise, I was a natural at candle making! I've heard many stories from other candlers about how they had to go through so many hoops just to get the right formula, however for me, it was like it was meant to be. 
the birth of che lux boutique
The first version of the best selling "Love" candle.
Handcrafted coconut wax candles infused with safe fragrance and essential oils. Free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other chemicals that could be harmful to people and pets.
A smooth slow burn that reminds you of the way butter melts.
A clean classy look and the smell is amazing. Not too much, not too little.
And to top it off, graced with names such as Peace, Love, and Abundance to aid one in setting their intentions on what they truly want in life.
Ché Lux is more than a candle line. From the start until the finish, this company is determined to assist in changing how we collectively view life.
Giving a brighter perspective through a physical product.
Upon lighting the candle, Ché Lux sparks hope into the hearts of those who desire to live abundantly.
To date, I have served thousands of customers across the nation and have goals to be global.
You can do anything you put your mind to, but it is important to know what is serving you and what isn't.
I thought I was letting go of being an entertainer, but I was walking into something much bigger. Purpose.
A business that inspires and strives for excellence.
If I can start over, so can you.
It's time to believe in yourself. Make that step towards greatness and let the blessings unfold.

Welcome more Abundance into your life!

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