We are so dedicated to helping Earth be a healthier place that we have implemented a candle jar recycle program. Once you've finished burning your Chè Lux candle, send your candle jar back to us and receive 200 rewards points for each jar!

Reward Points = Discounts

How to Recycle Your Jars

  • Step 1

    Be sure the life of your candle is complete! This makes it easier to recycle. DO NOT REMOVE LABELS. Confirm your Recycle Order. We will then send you an email with your shipping label addressed to us.

  • Step 2

    Box your jars (don't forget the lid if it came with one) inside a shipping box. Fill with packing paper or peanuts to ensure no damage occurs during transit. Boxes are available for free at your local post office.

  • Step 3

    Place the label we sent you on your secured box and drop off your packaged jars to a USPS Post Office near you.

Recycle Your Jars

Once we receive your recycle confirmation, we will process your rewards. You will then receive an email stating your points have been added to your rewards balance. 

*Be sure to use the same email address to receive accurate points*