Overcoming Negative Emotions: Resentment

Overcoming Negative Emotions: Resentment

In 2006, Beyoncè Knowles - Carter released her second solo studio album, B'day.
Crowned as the "Queen" of R&B, she continued to show us why she is deserving of the title.
The album went on to win a Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B Album, but at what price?
She like all of us have to deal with the feelings we have toward people who in our opinion have wronged us.
The album included a track titled "Resentment".
In the song, she shared a tear-jerking narrative about infidelity within her relationship. Although we can't confirm whether or not the story is true, many connected to the song as they could relate to her story.
"I wish I could believe you, then I'll be all right But now everything you told me really don't apply To the way I feel inside Loving you was easy once upon a time But now my suspicions of you have multiplied And it's all because you lied.."
"...I only give you a hard time 'Cause I can't go on and pretend like I haven't tried to forget this But I'm much too full of resentment..."
- Beyoncè

What is resentment?


resentment \ ri-ˈzent-mənt \
1: bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.
"She bore bitter feelings of resentment toward her ex-husband"
Should I stay or should I go? We ask ourselves. Knowing that if we choose to stay around, we'd want to figure out some way to "forget" what had happened in order to move on.
But unfortunately, we can't forget what has hurt us. And to be honest, we shouldn't.
Our focus should always be on forgiving a person. Rather we chose to stay or go.
Without forgiveness, we allow that bitterness to settle within our hearts, turning into cold, hard resentment.


It's inevitable that life will not always go the way you hope.
There will be times when people let you down.
We often look for ways to avoid being hurt when we should be learning to navigate through it.
Looking back at the times I was hurt by others, I realized they were only being themselves.
Why begrudge someone who was being true to who they really are?
A lot of times we see a person's behavior but want them to be different.
Is it their fault you ignored the patterns of behavior that you felt were unconducive to your life?
I’m not saying that people can’t do better over time, they definitely can. But what I am saying is, that if you are aware of who you are surrounding yourself with, you should act accordingly.
Living in this mindset allows you to not only be prepared for disappointments, but to also find the silver lining within it.
Realize that you weren't hurt because you deserved it, but simply because that's the energy you have attracted.
What inside of you gravitates towards individuals who are no good for you? What can you learn from the situation? Are your boundaries clear enough?
Heartbreak can be confusing but the answer can always be found within. You must free yourself.
Being resentful closes your mind and heart from moving on. And if you can't move on you will never connect with those who could be good for you.
Let go. Let God. Live life. Don't let the pain of yesterday ruin your tomorrow.
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