How to Shop for Candles: 3 Helpful Tips

How to Shop for Candles: 3 Helpful Tips

Most times, when the average shopper goes to buy a candle, they're just looking for one that smells good. However, as a candle maker, I made it my top priority to create a line where ALL the candles smell amazing (clever huh?).
I have many customers who smell the Chè Lux collection for the first time, and can't choose which one to take home. This makes me very happy because, apparently I'm doing something right, however, I'm always able to help customers make a decision.
You can make candle shopping easier by shopping based on the needs of you and your home. Here's how you do it:

Tip #1 - Know what's in it!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. NOT ALL CANDLES ARE CREATED EQUAL!
Just because a candle smells good or is really popular doesn't mean it's good for you or your home. Most candles are made with either paraffin or soy waxes which are no bueno. They are filled with toxins and are bad for the environment. For more information on wax and what's in it read my previous blog Good Candle, Bad Candle.
Chè Lux Boutique candles are made with Virgin Coconut Wax which is an eco-friendly wax. It is considered vegan and is gluten-free, toxin-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and comes from renewable sources.

Tip #2 - Get the bang for your buck

Now more than ever, spending money wisely is key. But many spend on what's popular over quality.
The things you buy are considered investments. So the candles you buy should be too!
For example, the candle pictured is a $500 candle! Yes, you read correct, $500!
It's a huge 4-wick candle that smells pretty good, but... the quality is very poor.
How do I know? Look at the wax stuck on the sides of the jar. It won't burn. With this candle, you are literally watching your money go to waste! 
You work hard for your moola, don't burn it on things that aren't worth it.
Because Chè Lux candles are produced with coconut wax blend, they provide a more even burn and an excellent fragrance throw!

Tip #3 - Which room do you need a candle for?

I always ask indecisive customers this question. Do you need a candle for your room? Restroom? Living room?
For the bedroom, I always recommend fragrances that are calming with ingredients like Amber, Musk, Rose & Jasmine. These scents are soft but dominant, helping you create an oasis in your sacred place. -- Love Candle is awesome for bedroom settings.
Restroom candles are easy. You need something FRESH! Anything with citrus, eucalyptus, or flowers like Magnolia will keep your restroom refreshed and ready for action. -- New Beginnings Candle is a perfect match for your restroom!
When it comes to living rooms, I like to keep it simple. A soft welcoming scent, not too overbearing. Ingredients like linen, powder, and sandalwood always do a great job of making people feel welcomed. These fragrances are what most department stores and hotels use in their entryways. -- Abundance Candle would give a great warm hello to all who enter your home.

Your Home, Your Way

Although it may seem like a bit much, it's actually pretty simple. You want candles that are safe, of quality, and complete the atmosphere of your home.
At Chè Lux Boutique, we are devoted to producing luxury home fragrances at a reasonable price.
Create the space you desire with our hand-poured coconut wax candles and start living on purpose!
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