Creativity That Inspires: Digital Word Art Influencers on Instagram

Creativity That Inspires: Digital Word Art Influencers on Instagram

Instagram's world of memes can be full of surprises. Every day we scroll our timelines double-tapping photos of our friends, favorite celebrities, and funny videos.
But, sometimes you come across accounts that are creative, passionate, and refreshing.
As a lover of art, it's always cool to see creatives who use their art for good.
This week I'd like to introduce five amazing digital creators who have built powerful online platforms sharing inspiring messages through art.
Orginally, when someone speaks of art you would think of paintings featured in a museum. Today, these digital art designers have turned words into motivating "pick me up" messages that burst with colors.
Their art quotes could be shared to help bring comfort to those in need.
May their art inspire you to see the beauty in everyday life.

The Artists

  1. "You're going to figure it out. Just like you always do."
Artist: @emmab.designco
Emma is a self-taught letterer and designer based in downtown Indianapolis. Her love of handwriting, colorful art, and special events have been combined to create Emma B. Design Co! Whether it's a large wedding order, a hand-painted mural, custom art, or a digital design, she loves taking on new projects and would be happy to help you with any design needs you may have!
2. "You are loved no matter how you feel."
Grace & Company is a lettering/designing company based in Oxford, MS. The owner Myra started sharing her artwork on Instagram starting in 2018 but it wasn't until 2020 that she had a desire to start a business creating art. She used that passion to grow her Instagram account by more than 30,000 followers in less than a year! She firmly believes that growing your small biz has everything to do with the way your market yourself.
3. "Don't ruin a good today because of a bad yesterday."
Bailey (@anxiety.positive) is a mental health advocate/digital artist living in New Hampshire, USA! She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and is currently in school to receive her Master's in Social Work. Bailey is a mental health case manager with the goal to become a therapist.
Allison (@byhappyal) is a Graphic Designer based in Cleveland, Ohio. She claims to be a print designer, by day and explores illustration, typography, and lettering by night. Allison also has a sticker store on Etsy where she sells her very own creations!
4. "I am enough. Who I am is enough. What I do is enough. What I have is enough. I am enough."
Moving Write Along is a design company based in New Jersey and New York City. The owner Fatime had always loved creating and making art that is inspiring, inclusive, and impactful. After many years of college and graduate school, she finally decided to take this hobby and make it into something bigger. In the summer of 2020, she launched the Moving Write Along shop to share her art.
5. "I can find my unique way of doing things. I can't compare my learning curve to someone else's highlight reel."
My Self-Love Supply was founded in April 2019 by Sofia. She is originally from Italy. and moved to the U.K. 5 years ago where she still resides. Sofia is 23 years old and is currently studying for her Master's in Psychological Studies with Mental Health at the University of Aberdeen.

Art of My Own

Although I don't create colorful digital art like these wonderful ladies, I enjoy being able to inspire in a different way.
Through candle-making I spread positive messages to those around me and afar.
Each candle holds it's own meaning and is hand-poured with love and prayer.
Take the time to check out the eco friendly candles I have created for you.
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