3 Powerful Tips to Living More Abundantly

3 Powerful Tips to Living More Abundantly

Every day we scroll down our timelines. Hundreds of memes about how we should be living life to the fullest.
We go through an array of emotions with the thought, "duh, who doesn't want to live an amazing life?"
The question we should be asking these philosophers of the meme world is how do we get to this abundant life?
Abundance (a·bun·dance)
1. a very large quantity of something.
  • the state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness.
You should know that abundance is something you have the ability to possess.
How little or much of it you have is ultimately up to you.

Living More Abundantly

Step #1
You must be grateful for what life has already given you.
So many times we get caught up in what we don't have and forget to appreciate what we do.
Yes, things may be hard or maybe you just want more, but things can always be worse.
For example, your child has been begging you for the new Nintendo Switch. You would love for him to have it but he broke the last system a week after you got it.
You ask, "why would I buy another game when you tore up the one I just got you?!"
Now lil Johnny is upset!
This is the meaning of being presently grateful. If you can't find anything to be happy about today, tomorrow will be hopeless.
Take the time to smile about what's good in your life now.
By being grateful, you allow more abundance to flow.
Step #2
It is crucial to prioritize life.
Many of us are parents, business owners, and hard-working individuals. It's easy to become overwhelmed with responsibilities.
Stressing over things that lead to depression and dissatisfaction.
What's most important? Kind of important? Not so important?
Breaking your life down into categories will relieve the pressure of feeling like you have to get everything done at once.
You have the opportunity to think more clearly, work effectively, and enjoy life more.
And not only will you feel better, but so will the people around you.
Less stress. More abundance.
Step #3
You have to live with intention.
Life is filled with questions and none of us have all the answers.
What do you do? Why do you do it?
When you live with intention, you realize you create the life you want.
How can you ever achieve your goal of living a more abundant life if you haven't set your mind on purpose?
Once you set your attention towards a thing and respond with the corresponding action. The results are immediate.
Don't just go with the wind. Allow positive thoughts to flow into your life and navigate you towards your destiny.
With the right intention, your life will become more abundant.

Abundance Is Yours

With these three simple steps, you are on your way to walking a prosperous life.
On the days when it gets hard, remember, it could be worse, and be thankful for the chance to make things right. Because you can! By prioritizing what's important and what's not.
Some things you cannot change, but the ones you can, move forward with the intention to create the outcome you want to see.
In no time, you will be living more abundantly!
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